EAWA Minutes April 12, 2018

The April 12th meeting of the EAWA was called to order at 7:03 PM by President Chris Stanley

N1CJS. Evie KA1BRA made a motion to accept the March Minutes as e-mailed. Bob Morse AB1EP seconded the motion. The motion passed. Jeff KA1DBE made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report ( Petty Cash $256.57, Savings account $806.21, VE Account $18.82, and Repeater Fund $92.39) that was seconded by Bob AB1EP. The motion carried. (Note: Expenses this month have been: Liability Insurance $200, Equipment Insurance $32.90, Lock Guard for Battery $15.06, and two surge protectors

$15.95. Dick's W1KRP ingenuity saved the EAWA $100 to get the battery “online”.)


Tuesdays at 7:00PM on 146.910 Repeater Wednesdays at 7:00PM on the 147.030 Repeater

April 17 Chris Weaver AB1PZ April 18 Chris Weaver AB1PZ

April 24 Chuck Liebow AC1BS April 25 Chuck Liebow AC1BS

May 1 Evie Sargent KA1BRA May 2 Scott Grindle KB1ONQ

May 8 Phil Duggan N1EP May 9 Phil Duggan N1EP

Old Business

Battery Connection to Club Station – Evie KA1BRA brought the cords and lock guard to the meeting. Jeff KA1DBE will get the battery online.

4H Demo – Burt K7HVN asked for volunteers to do a ham radio demo at the 4H event Saturday, June 9th at the Blue Hill Fair Grounds. Last year Burt K7HVN, Jeff KA1DBE, and Evie KA1BRA did a presentation. Please let Burt( burtonlowry7@gmail.com) know if you would like to help this year.

Note: Burt still needs volunteers.

New Business

Bleeding Control Course – John Lennon from the Bar Harbor Fire Station will be teaching a course on “Bleeding Control” at the Machias Savings Bank in Bar Harbor on Tuesday, April 24 from 5:00-6:30 PM. Please call John at 288-5533 if you plan to attend.

QRP Contest -A River Runs Through It – Jeff KA1DBE and Matt W1MRH are again attempting to operate this QRP contest hopefully with better weather and operating conditions than last year! They would love to have others come operate so feel free to bring your rigs (QRP only,CW or phone). Spectators are also welcome. They will be at the Ellsworth water front Saturday, April 21 from noon to 5:00PM. (The local ducks have asked that you ignore the “Do Not Feed The Ducks” signs.)

Touch-a-Truck – The “Touch -a Truck” event will again be held at Mount Desert High School on May 12th. 9:00AM-1:00PM. (I haven't heard if hams will participate again this year.)

Downeast Ham Radio Technology & Robotics Fair will be held at Meadow View Apartments Community room at 25 Tweedie Lane, Ellsworth, Saturday, May 19th 9:00AM until noon. There will be a VE session at 1:00PM.

Technician License – Chris N1CJS reported that the ARRL is proposing to the FCC that more privileges be granted for the Technician class license.

Program for the EAWA May 10th Meeting – John KQ1P has volunteered to do a program for our May meeting. The program will have something to do with antennas. John is quite inventive so I'm sure it will be interesting!

Rob W8HAP made a motion to adjourn that was seconded by Dick W1KRP. So done at 7:25 PM.

A short discussion about Field Day followed refreshments. We do plan to run 3A instead of 2A this coming year. There will most likely not be a GOTA station, but all non-hams are welcome to operate the three stations as long as a control operator is present. Logistics of placing these stations was also discussed. A pot luck will be held Saturday evening. The EAWA will supply food stuffs for breakfast and lunches. Water and coffee will be supplied, but please bring your own soft drinks, juices, etc. There will be a future meeting to firm up the plans. Field Day will be held at SERC again this year. Dates are June 23-24, 2018.

Respectfully submitted ,

Evie Sargent KA1BRA