EAWA Minutes August 10, 2017

The August 10th  meeting of the EAWA was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Chris Stanley N1CJS. Evie KA1BRA made a motion to accept the July's Minutes as e-mailed. Chris N1CJS seconded the motion. The motion passed. Rob W8HAP made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report ( Petty Cash $313.57, Savings account $1035.23, VE Account $18.82, and Repeater Fund $92.39) that was seconded by Chuck AC1BS.  The motion carried.
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Tuesdays at 7:00PM on 146.910 Repeater    Wednesdays at 7:00PM on the 147.030 Repeater
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                     Old Business
Operating Procedures  (SOP's) – Evie KA1BRA mentioned that she did check the ARRL site to see what they were using or suggesting for a SOP. The ARRL has “endorsed” the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur. One can go to the www.iaru.org site for all kinds of information. A PowerPoint presentation of the SOP document is available. Both documents – regular and  PowerPoint- can be downloaded  from:  http://www.ham-operating-ethics.org . (Check what the IARU is using to see if that fits the needs of the EAWA so we can discuss this at a later meeting.)
                New Business
Field Day 2018 – Dick W1KRP suggested that early in 2018 we should try to firm up an operating site for the June 2018 Field Day.
Sunday Sessions – Dick W1KRP also inquired when the Sunday Session should start. The room at Meadow View is reserved for the EAWA so anyone can show up starting whenever. No official “start date” for the first session was given.

Upcoming Events – Evie KA1BRA mentioned that there is usually a SET (Simulated Emergency Test) in October so maybe Phil N1EP could do a “message handling” talk at our September meeting to prepare us for the SET and whatever might arise requiring message handling. Evie also mentioned that the MDI Marathon is in October as well. Brad KC1HVP said that he and Andy KB1TGL will be meeting with the Marathon organizers mid-September . (The MDI Marathon is Sunday, October 15th. Usually hams provide aid along the course. We can always use more hams to help with this event so save the date please. Brad and Andy will let us know if our help is needed.)

Rob W8HAP made a motion to adjourn  that was seconded by Chuck AC1BS. The motion carried. So done at 7:20 PM
Jeff KA1DBE gave a PowerPoint program about his “frugal” ham techniques. He also had quite a display of his projects so others could see what can be done to defray cost of amateur radio. Thank you, Jeff!

Respectfully submitted,
Evie Sargent KA1BRA