EAWA Minutes July 12, 2018

The July 12th meeting of the EAWA was called to order at 7:03 PM by President Chris Stanley N1CJS.  Phil N1EP made a motion to accept the June minutes as e-mailed. Evie KA1BRA seconded the motion. The motion passed.  Rob W8HAP made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report (Petty cash $160.44; Savings $806.52; VE Account $18.82; and the Repeater Fund $92.39).  Bob AB1EP seconded the motion. The motion carried. (Expenses this month were $86.87 for Field Day). Joan W1DLC reported that she and Evie made a second trip to First National Bank to set up a checking account into which the savings account would be transferred.  A box of 100 checks will cost approximately $29.

EMCOMM                NETS                    EAWA

Tuesdays 7PM  146.910 Rptr                Wednesdays 7PM 147.030 Rptr

July 17 Evie KA1BRA   

July 18 Evie KA1BRA

July 24 Phil N1EP                        July 25 Phil N1EP

July 31 Chris AB1PZ                    August 1 Chris AB1PZ

August 7 Evie KA1BRA                    August 8 Evie KA1BRA


BATTERY BOX   Bob AB1EP has offered to build a box for the club’s battery.

CAMP BEECHCLIFF  Phil coordinated a four day ham radio event at Camp Beechcliff.  Activities included a FOX HUNT, building FM radio kits, and learning to solder.  The kids were challenged to make an antenna from scratch using various materials provided to them. A 20 meter dipole was constructed and successfully used to make a QSO with a ham in Chicago. Phil reported that the staff was friendly and the kids enjoyed building the kits.  Thanks to Jeff KA1DBE and Matt W1MRH for helping.


VE TEST  There will be a VE test for all classes on Wednesday July 18 at 6:00 PM at the Henry D. Moore Library in Steuben.

EdGe CAMP  Phil N1EP reported he will be conducting a 5 day ham radio camp in Cherryfield the week of July 16.  The camp will be located at the Seacoast Mission EdGe building at 7 Weald Bethel Rd in Cherryfield. Anyone interested in helping should contact Phil.

FIELD DAY RESULTS  Rob W8HAP presented the Field Day results. The club had a total of 555 CW QSOs, 244 Digital QSOs, and 153 Phone QSOs.  Of that 153, 7 were satellite contacts and 25 were GOTA QSOs. Forty nine states were worked as well as 47 QSOs with hams in the Canadian provinces. There were also contacts with 8 foreign countries: Puerto Rico, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, and the US Virgin Islands. Special thanks to Phil N1EP for sending and receiving the messages. The club was not able to find an elected official to earn bonus points nor did it earn GOTA bonus points.  Although we did have a 16 year old boy help set up equipment and antennas, he had to leave before the contest started. I am sorry I do not have his name. Many thanks to everyone who brought food, materials, and equipment. The consensus was FD 2018 was a success!


Rob also reported that Meghan Moshier, Activities Director at SERC, sent a nice note to the club.

SNACK   Next month’s snack will be provided by Evie KA1BRA.  Thank you, Bernie KI4VCR , for this month’s refreshments.

KIDZRadio Active  Phil N1EP reported the first balloon launch with the 4th grade class at the Peninsula School in Prospect Harbor will be held in the fall.  


A suggestion was made to set up a special events station during Autumn Gold Days in Ellsworth.

Rob W8HAP made a motion to adjourn that was seconded by Chris N1CJS.  So done at 7:23 PM.


“Contesting with FLDIGI” was the topic of Jeff’s presentation. Jeff, KA1DBE explained how he used the digital modem program, FLDIGI, during Field Day.  Thanks for the informative overview, Jeff.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Hildreth W1DLC

Secretary/Treasurer in training