The June 14th meeting of the EAWA was called to order at 7:05 PM by  President Chris Stanley N1CJS. Joan W1DLC made a motion to accept the May Minutes as e-mailed.  Matt W1MRH seconded the motion. The motion passed. Evie KA1BRA made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report (Petty Cash $256.57, Savings Account $806.42, VE Account $18.82, and the Repeater Fund $92.39).  Chris N1CJS seconded the motion.

      EMCOMM                   NETS EAWA

Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

On 146.910 RPTR on 147.030 RPTR

June 19   Chris AB1PZ June 20  Chris AB1PZ

June 26   Evie KA1BRA June 27  Evie KA1BRA

July 3 Evie KA1BRA July 4      Evie KA1BRA

July 10 Phil  N1EP July 11 Phil N1EP


Jeff KA1DBE reported that the 4-H radio demonstration at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds on June 9th was successful.  Although there were fewer attendees than last year, there was much enthusiasm for Jeff’s lecture on the history of CW and the use of the morse code practice oscillators.   Evie KA1BRA, Phil N1EP, Burt K7HVN, and Joan W1DLC also participated in the presentation.

Dick W1KRP reported that he is still looking for a box for the club battery.  

Evie KA1BRA reported that the Safety Fair at Jackson Lab was well attended but there was little interest in Ham Radio


REFRESHMENTS Next month’s refreshments will be provided by Bernie KI4VCR.  Thanks to Bernie for providing the club with this month’s refreshments, as well.

VE SESSION Phil N1EP reported that the next VE session will be held on Wednesday June 20 at Tweedie Lane Meadowview Apartments at 7:00 PM.

KIDS DAY  Phil N1EP will set up a station at the library in Steuben on Saturday June 16 at 9:00 AM.  He will be on the air at 10:00.

CAMP BEECHCLIFF Phil N1EP is still looking for volunteers to help with the classes.  Camp Beechcliff will be held the week of July 9th for 3-4 hours each morning.  

Rob W8HAP made a motion to adjourn the business meeting at 7:20PM.  Jeff KA1DBE seconded the motion.

A short discussion about Field Day followed refreshments. Rob W8HAP will provide copies of Field Day rules.  Phil N1EP has

already put out a press release to the paper.  Chris AB1PZ reported the EMCOMM trailer will be at the site at SERC.  Andy will give the safety talk. Phil N1EP will copy the Section Manager’s message and will handle the message traffic.  There will be a demonstration for Education points. Phil will use the GOTA station on SSB. Suggestions were offered for a possible elected official to visit  the site.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joan Hildreth W1DLC

Sec/Treasurer (in training)