EAWA Minutes May 9, 2019

The May 9th meeting of the EAWA was called to order at 7:07PM by President

Chris Stanley N1CJS.  Joan W1DLC made a motion to accept the April minutes as e-mailed.  Evie KA1BRA seconded the motion. The motion passed.  Bill W3AKD made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report (petty cash $415.83, checking account $996.92, and VE account $18.82) that was seconded by Chuck AC1BS.  The motion passed.


EMCOMM (146.910 rptr) EAWA (146.910 rptr)***  

Tues May 14th Chuck AC1BS Wed May 15th Chuck AC1BS

Tues May 21st  Joan W1DLC Wed May 22nd Joan W1DLC

Tues May 28th Evie KA1BRA Wed May 29th Evie KA1BRA

Tues June 4th Phil N1EP Wed June 5th Phil N1EP

(back-up Evie KA1BRA) (back-up Evie KA1BRA)

*** temporarily being used by EAWA


There is nothing new to report on the 147.030 repeater.

Field Day update: Jeff KA1DBE will meet with the principal of Trenton Elementary  School on May 16th to discuss using the school as this year’s Field Day site. There will be another meeting of station captains after this meeting.  We will be operating 3A. Bernie KI4VCR has volunteered to do the grocery shopping. Thank you, Bernie. EAWA will provide Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and lunches.  Saturday night is potluck. Water and coffee will be provided.


Notable contacts: Jeff KA1DBE made a QSO with a ham in Mongolia on 20m at 8:00PM.  Steve W1DTX, using milliwatts, contacted a ham in Bulgaria and received an S9 report!  

New England QSO Party report: Bob AB1EP and Joan W1DLC operated from Bob’s QTH; Chuck AC1BS operated with Phil N1EP and Brenda at Phil’s  QTH in Milbridge.

Touch a Truck:  There are no current plans for participating in Touch a Truck.

Burt K7HVN will be contacted for info regarding this year’s 4H event.

This weekend May 11 is the Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test.

John KQ1P shared there was a donation of an SK’s equipment that will be set up at the Searsport School.

The program for June’s meeting will be “Grounding”.  Refreshments for the June meeting will be provided by Chuck AC1BS.

Rob W8HAP made a motion to adjourn at 7:34PM that was seconded by John KQ1P.

Following refreshments, various pieces of equipment and gadgets were shared. Keys, keyers, and various qrp kits and accessories generated much interest.  Morse Code could be heard throughout the room!

Evie shared her impressive ARRL Life Member Plaque. Congrats to you, Evie, for your accomplishments and years of dedication to ham radio.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Hildreth W1DLC