Ellsworth Amateur Radio Association Monthly Meeting 8 November, 2018


1. Meeting called to order @ 1906h by President Chris Stanley, N1CJS. 13 present

2. Secretary/Treasurer's Report presented in absentia: petty cash: $267.83 checking account: $784.82 VE account: $18.82 Accepted (moved by Rob W8HAP, seconded Bob AB1EP)

3. Nominating committee organized after a long awkward silence. Committee: Rob W8HAP, Chuck AC1BS, and Jeff KA1DBE. Slate will be put forward at the December meeting.

4. December Meeting to be potluck Christmas meeting on either 12/8 or 12/15. Both dates are Saturdays but one be the same as the 10 Meter contest.

5. Net Control Stations for next month. 11/13-14 N1EP 11/20 KQ1P (no net on Thanksgiving) 11/27-28 AC1BS 12/4-5 KA1BRA (volunteered by consensus!)

6. Report on the SET activity by Andy KB1TGL. Test went very well with active participation across the state and better incorporation of Eastern/Northern Maine. National Weather Service in Caribou and Gray both had active stations on HF. Good use of all bands, all modes SSB, FM, packet, DMR, etc.).

7. Sunday Sessions are back. Every other Sunday is the plan and the next session will be 11/19, noon to whenever. Some will be making EFHW (end-fed half wave) antenna using Morgan's (call?) idea.

8. MDI Marathon report. Radio support for the race went very well with plenty of good help. No signal issues. Special thanks to Jeff for moving the EMCOMM trailer to SW Harbor.

9. Update on the new DMR Repeater. RX frequency- 145.210. TX frequency- 144.610. Code Plug 12. A list of DMR repeaters can be found online at 

10. Move to adjourn by Rob and seconded by Jeff. Followed by some very strong coffee.

11. Presentation on APRS in eastern Hancock County by Markus KB1MSA (Gifted and Talented Teacher at RSU 24). Markus is working with balloon launch APRS with students at RSU24. Only 1 digipeater exists in region and coverage is geographically limited. Balloon payloads are often lost on return when elevation falls below 5K to 10K a.s.l. Schoodic Mountain has great sight-lines for VHF and terrain favors a link to Mountain View HS which has high bandwidth internet access. Markus would like to install a digipeater on Schoodic that links to the school. He welcomes ideas on how to make this concept work and also would like to have technical/logistical help. He is very excited about the possibilities and hopes to have APRS be a gateway for students to technology (and ham radio)